Mr. Arancino

Mr. Arancino’s deliciously gooey risotto balls are an innovative take on a traditional Sicilian recipe. Called ‘arancini’, these savory morsels are a quick, healthier alternative to a burger, wrap, poutine or pizza. For home or for an event, they are sure to appeal to a more discerning, and health savvy population that appreciates good food with a hip new twist. Available in meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Read the story behind Mr. Arancino Sicilian Risotto Balls.


Our Varieties

Quinoa Ragu Arancini

 Vegan. Made with quinoa instead of rice and filled with a traditional Sicilian ragu. Well-suited for diabetics or those who aim to avoid carbohydrates.

Vegetable Ragu Arancini

Vegetarian. All the deliciousness of the traditional beef ragu arancini without the meat. Fresh mozza in the middle included.

Mushroom Arancini

Vegetarian. A traditional Sicilian variety. These creamy mushroom filled arancini are hugely popular with vegetarians and meat lovers alike!

Spinach Arancini

Vegetarian. Another favourite with Sicilians. This creamy spinach and mozza filled arancino pairs the goodness of spinach with delectable risotto rice.

Mozza Arancini

Vegetarian. Called “arancini al burro” in Sicily. For those who love melted cheese, these mozza filled arancini are simple and delicious!

Beef Ragu Arancini

 Delicious risotto rice surrounding a traditional Sicilian ground beef ragu and gooey fresh mozza center. A taste straight from the streets of Sicily.

Pizza Arancini

Complete with pepperoni, veggies and fresh mozza in the middle. We’ve replaced the dough with rice and it’s a pizza in the form of a ball!

Bacon Pesto Arancini

Our traditional risotto rice filled with a succulent bacon-pesto mixture. For those who love bacon and pesto, this will be a hit!

Salmon Arancini

Our traditional risotto ball filled with wild pink salmon prepared in a sweet and tangy seafood sauce. Don’t like fish? These will change your mind!

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